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Video Brochure

Video Brochures - Your One Stop Direct Marketing Strategy

Ask us about the option of getting Video Brochures Made in India or Made in China.

When your customer receives a brochure in video format either in person or in the mail, you can literally hear the whoops of excitement right down the street. The ultimate direct marketing strategy. Our mailers never fail to impress your customers. The options to make an impact are almost limitless. We work hard to integrate and infuse new technologies in our products to keep the wow factor fresh.

Check out this playlist of video brochures created for the Video Marketing Realty Industry. Call us or send us an email now!!


(More great options in gallery images. Hover to see for larger images, Video and more. Use Brand, Industry - Code below each image as reference for any pricing inquiries)

Video Brochure Gallery (Page 1 of 4)



Tech / VB70A5-LN-GH-3F-CLF-6AA

Centrifuge Media

Centrifuge Media

Media / VB70CT-LN-GH



HealthCare /VB1XCT-LN-LH-2F-CLF

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Brochure

Sports - VB43-A5P-LS


Realty / VB70LT-LN-GH

Knight-Frank-Video-Brochure, Video Brochure
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Knight Frank Brochures

Consultancy / VB70OB-LN-LS

Super Bowl Video Brochure, Video Mailers for Foodstuff Industry


Foodstuff / VB70A5-LN-LS

Sothebys-Video-Brochure for Real Estate Industry


Realty - VB24A6-LN-LS

PWC-Video-Brochure for Consultancy Companies

PWC LCD Brochures

Consultancy / VB70A5-LN-LS


Candor & Kar

Realty / VB50A5-LC-LS

York University Video-Brochure

York University

Education / VB70A5-LN-TS



Video Production / VB70A5-LN-LS



Heathcare / VB43A5-LN-LS


Wedding Video Invitation

Wedding / VB70A5-LN-LS



Petroleum / VB70A5-LN-LS


Texas Tech Uni

Education / VB70A5-LN-LS


Stanley Steemer

Utilities / VB50B6-LN-LS

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What are the key components of a Video Brochure?

Planning for any big promotional video marketing campaign would start with shortlisting video brochures that suit your marketing objectives. In this section below, we cover the main key components that go into making a video brochure that help us decide the cost of manfacturing them.

  • LCD Screen Size

    Video Brochures come in the following screen sizes: 2.4 inch, 4.3 inch, 5.0 inch, 7.0 inch, and 10 inch. Touch and premium quality screens are alos an option

  • Cover Size

    The most popular cover size in this category is A5 size. More cover sizes are available from smaller D6 to to larger A4 sizes. Choose print styles and print quality

  • Control Buttons

    With control buttons you can provide better interactivity for your viewers making this a truly memorable experience. Play, pause, forward, rewind, next folder

  • Memory & Features

    You can choose standard memory and features for pricing. With custom options we can help your campaign stand out with several multi-sensory features.

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