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Video Brochure


Video Brochures From India

Ask us about the option of getting Video Brochures Made in India or Made in China.

These versatile LCD video brochures have proved their mettle in marketing and promotional campaigns in a diverse range of industries. A truly universal direct marketing tool harnessing the power of both print and video media. Our satisfied clientele come from budding start ups, established brick and mortars to niche Fortune 500 companies. Check out the images below for specification and product codes

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Realty - VB70LT-LN-GH

Colliers Video Brochure

Colliers Video Brochure

Realty - VB43DQ-C-LS


Banorte Video Brochures

Financial / VB70OB-LN-LS

CoStar Video Brochure

CoStar Group

Realty - VB70A5-LN-LS

HBO Westworld Video Brochure

HBO Video Mailer

Entertainment - VB1XCT-LC-LH

FUD Video Brochure


Foodstuff - VB50A5-LN-LS

Mazda Video Brochure

Mazda Video Brochures

Automobiles - VB70OB-LN-LS

Phipps-Anderson- Brochure

Phipps Anderson

Legal - VB70A5-LN-LS Brochure

Healthcare - VB70A5-LN-LS

Spectrum-Reach-Video- Brochure

Spectrum Reach

Marketing - VB43A5-PN-LH-FL


ITT Video Brochure

Education - VB70OB-LC-LS

Bank-Austria-Video Brochure

Bank Austria Video Mailer

Banking - VB43A5-LN-LS



Realty - VB70LT-LN-GH

JLL-Video Brochure

JLL Video Mailers

Realty - VB70A5-LN-LS

Sunterra-Video Brochure


Food - VB50DQ-N-LS

Dixon-Video Brochure


Realty - VB50OB-LN-LS

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The 'WOW' factors about video brochure design?

Video brochures have proven time and again that they are the best all-in-one promo marketing solution. Big brands have used them to actually spearhead their larger cross-media promos. So what is it about video brochures that make it so effective in creating a big "WOW" with customers?

  • WOW Factor

    Opening a video brochure always has a big WOW factor. A cinema-like experience "Lights, Camera, Action!" There is always a touch of drama when a video brochure unveiling happens that's WOW.

  • Interactive

    People love to touch, feel, swipe on things that they hold. Pressing on buttons that do play different things makes it very interactive. Interactions help create a range of memorable experiences.

  • Personal

    Video brochures provide for 'personal media' viewership. Customers truly appreciate the value of the packaging and branding. This personalized effort helps to cement your brand image and build loyalty.

  • Share Worthy

    Marketing videos that make an impact are always shared by close associates and friends. The peer sharing character of video brochures follows with a great word of mouth campaign providing max ROI value.

Note: See page 3 of this video brochure section for more details. Send us an email now if you ready with your choice of key components( See below) .