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Video Books

What are Video books?

Quick Overview:

Video Books from our range of products offer multi-page special edition video marketing presentations. Get your company's premium, special or limited edition products, services and offers get the right attention. Now is the time to build better promoitonal opportunities. Start with a sensor controlled multi-page video book from Video Plus Print®. Direct mail them to your target customers or keep them strategically placed where your regular magazines currently are, your clients will not mind the wait. When your client instinctively picks it up and flips through it, they will find a video playing automatically with clear audio on every page flip, ensuring that your individual page messages are having the desired impact. If you find these features compelling, view our 360 video brochure, which offers interactive capabilities for promotional campaigns.

Our Video Books are a perfect tool for companies that wish to tell a story for their various verticals, sub-divisions, product lines or service ranges. Click on the below video links for YouTube, Saudi Arabia Ministry and others, to see our video books in action.

Los Angeles Football Club Video Book, LAFC Video Book

LAFC Video Book

Sports Club / VBK70WQ-N-LH

Ministry of Saudi Arabia Video Book

Ministry - Saudi Arabia

Government / VBK70A4-PN-LH



Cloud Computing / VBK70A4-PN-LH-T01



Portal/ VBK50WQ-C-LS-T01


Deakin University

Education /VBK70A4-PN-LH-T01


Go Texan Multipage

Promotions / VBK50WQ-C-LS



Chemicals / VBK50WQ-C-LH


Quartet Multisensory

Technology / VBK43WQ-C-LH

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