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Video Marketing Tips

Switch to any TV channel today and we see a number of ads are focused on food, travel and lifestyle. Videos range from the cultivation of organic food, master chef's presentations, amazing beaches, paradise locations and wonderful facilities of the hospitality industry. Hospitality, food & beverage industry marketing videos now play the key part in getting these sights and sounds to the right customers. Top end hotels and restaurants are even exploring the possibility to add scents and aromas to their direct video brochure promos and hotel video marketing tools. The potential is huge. Check out 8 video promo ideas:

-Virtual tours: Video walk-through tours of your hotel and restaurants.

-Special Events: Special festivals, carnivals and seasonal promotions

-Star Chef or Staff : Guests love to see videos of people they can could meet

-Corporate Promos: Videos on the special facilities available for corporate clients

-Testimonials: Guests feedback and reviews

-Fitness: Video promos of the wellness and fitness club activities

-Food & recipes: A big hit with customers is special dishes and recipe videos

-Event Highlights: Video that cover how an event was successfully conducted

Check out some strategies to adopt for targeted video marketing success in the hospitality industry .....

First Impressions

Video Business Cards: Play customer testimonials of their wonderful experiences

Video Greeting Cards: Video cards that show birthdays and special events at your locations

Video Mailers: Send special events and season or off season promotions

Brand Building

Video Brochures: Marketing of improved facilities, upgraded hotel rooms, special promos

Video Boxes: Launch special festival seasons with a flair with corporate gifts bundle

Video Magazines Inserts: Promote your hotel location and special discounts

360 Video Brochures: Get ahead of your competitors with amazing 360 Videos of your world-class facilities

Sales & Lead Generation

Video Holoprint: Show 3D holographic presentations of hotel rooms and special facilities

Video Books: Create a multi-page story that will take customers on a journey of happiness

Video Folders: Ideal for corporate presentations of event rooms and conference facilities

Wi-Fi Video Brochures: Live updating & ongoing training videos for new interns and security staff

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Video Boxes: Great for keeping your big corporate customers happy and returning for your services

Video Greeting Cards: remind customers with happy memories of their special events.

Video POS: Point of Sale videos promotions at fitness centres, gyms, reception lounges and common areas

Video Marketing Tips:

The hospitality industry is also amongst the largest and most diverse industries. Video marketing is the most powerful way to showcase what hospitality you have to offer. Take your guests on a journey and let them experience your offerings. Showcase your latest food and drink creations, advertise seasonal specials or discounted room offers and promote an upcoming event.