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Video Presentation Boxes

Video Presentation Boxes

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Video Plus Print® Video Presentation Boxes that integrate various multi-sensory experiences are a great way to thank your customers and to make your products stand out in a very personalized way. Is it a luxury gift box with an integrated video message, or a luxury video message with a supporting gift? Either way, our gift presentation boxes are a double celebration for the recipient! Integrate our video marketing blockbusters in any promotional campaign and see the competition lagging far behind with our video boxes.

Robert Hall Video Box|Video Presentation Boxes

Robert Hall


TT Electronics Video Box|Video Presentation Boxes

TT Electronics

Media/ VBX70-FL-XL-422710

Video Box for Las Vegas Stadium | Video Presentation Boxes

Las Vegas Stadium

Sports/ VBX1X-FL-XL-422710

BMW-Video-Packaging | Video Presentation Boxes


Automobiles / VBX24-B7-L-110706

Google-Presentation-Box | Video Presentation Boxes


Technology / VBX43-A4-M-291905

Alfanar-video-packaging | Video Presentation Boxes


Industry/ VBX100-AT-M-302304

UPS-Video-Packaging | Video Presentation Boxes


Media/ VBX70-CT-262606


The Art Club

Arts/ VBX70-FL-S-342503

UPS-Video-Packaging | Video Presentation Boxes


Transport/ VBX70-A4-M-291905


Morphe Beauty

Cosmetics/ VBX70-FL-M-402304

ADP-Canada-Video-Box | Video Presentation Boxes

ADP Canada

Telecom / VBX70-LG-L-261809

Jaclyn-Hill-Video-Presentation-Box | Video Presentation Boxes

Jaclyn Hill

Cosmetics / VBX70-AT-M-322205

Financial-Times-Video-Presentation-Box | Video Presentation Boxes

Financial Times

Media / VBX70-FL-S-393304

Eterneva Video Box Presentation


Gems / VBX70-LG-L-251708