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Video Mailer for Education Industry

Video Marketing Tips

What videos help promote education?

The popularity of videos in helping educate students of every stream and age group is undeniable. Reaching the right audience is key to getting the right students interested in committing to their curriculums. Universities are facing stiff competition from online academies that have rapidly gained patronage over the years with video based courses. Video marketing is key to their survival and they are increasingly using many video strategies to keep up the advantage.

-Tutorials: Videos that cover specific topics are highly sought after

-Narrative: Tell an interesting story that covers university history and philosophy

-Reputed Speakers: Videos that feature talks by prominent alumni

-Walkthroughs: Students love to browse video walkthrough of the all campus facilities

-Testimonials: Inspirational student experiences of campus life

-Faculty: Launching of new stream of study that are relevant to present times

-Events: Create a buzz with a series on annual student events and shows

-Scholarships: Information specific to fees, visas, scholarships, jobs

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First Impressions

Video Business Cards: Promote your university at job fairs and placement events

Video Greeting Cards: Invite your guest speakers and industry leaders with event videos

Video Mailers: Send intro / tutorials videos to all your affiliates and agencies

Brand Building

Video Brochures: New academic year, faculties and facilities as well as event promotions

Video Boxes: Great for promotions and invitations to prominent alumni and guest speakers

Video Magazines Inserts: Ideal for testimonials and alumni interview videos

360 Video Brochures: Create multiple 360 panoramic views of different facilities and events

Sales & Lead Generation

Video Holoprint: Generate a huge buzz at educational events with unique hologram presentations

Video Books: Use this option to create specific stream or presentations across pages

Video Folders: Approach promoting agencies with great mix of video and print presentation

Wi-Fi Video Brochures: When live updates are needed in seminars, and prolonged trainings weeks

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Video Boxes: Great for ancillary healthcare / insurance / age care industries promotions

Video Greeting Cards: Get well cards to out going patients from Doctors and hospital staff

Video POS: Point of Sale/Care videos promotions at pharmacies, reception lounges and staff rooms

Video Marketing Tips:

The education industry is one of the top 5 industries that are pushing the boundaries of video marketing. The targeted audience is the huge floating student population and their influencer parents. They initially visit the usual websites and video portals but it's too much information to take in from millions of online videos. So they make trips to university events and fairs to get a first hand impression of the life that they could be committing to. With our targeted range of video marketing for schools and more, you can make that first and lasting impression. It's easier getting smarter students to make decisions to trust you to make their futures bright with Video Plus Print product range.