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Our Production

Power Your Brand

By working with everything from emerging brands to established ones and everything in between, we’ve become experts at carrying the brand experience through every single step. That means even before we pick up a pencil, click a mouse, or tap a keyboard, we begin with the core of it all: what is your brand position? Who do you want to be to the outside world? Who have you been? Our capabilities and processes which have always been deeply rooted in care and perfection ensures that your brand’s image is enhanced and your clients engage in a memorable brand experience. .

  • Real Estate Video Brochure Canada

    Real Estate Video Brochure

    Property and Reality Services

  • Video Packaging Canada

    Video Packaging

    Print & Packaging Industry

  • Video Mailers Canada

    Video Mailers

    Financial Services

  • Promotional Video Cards Canada

    Promotional Video Cards

    Automotive Industry

  • Video Catalogs & Folders Canada

    Video Catalogs & Folders

    Petroleum Industry

  • Video Books Canada

    Video Books

    Educational Industry

  • Magazine video Inserts Canada

    Magazine & Greeting Inserts

    Print and Retail Industry

  • Video Sales Aids Canada

    Video Sales Aids

    Electronics Industry

  • Electro Lumination Canada

    Electro Lumination

    Custom Gifting and packaging

  • Video Marketing Brochure Canada

    Video Marketing Brochure

    Corporates Promotions

  • Video Business Cards Canada

    Video Business Cards

    Any Industry or Individual

  • Audio Visual Sale Aids Canada

    Audio Visual Sale Aids

    Gaming & Entertainment

How It’s Created

It could be anything from Business cards, Brochures, Catalogs, Presentation boxes, Point of Sale units... almost anything. We work with you to tranform your promotional print materials into power packed multi-sensory video marketing products. Our solutions are customizable and suitable for all budgets. The "Video Marketing" products bandwagon is going places; and it's your chance to get on it early and rake in the profits.

  • 01. Get

    When you are planning a new promotional campaign in Canada and need to make an impact with a big wow factor. Call us Now! VPP got you covered with our range of products.

  • 02. Set

    We use your corporate, product and demo videos along with your illustrations, graphics and digital animation and fuse them into a memorable marketing concept.

  • 03. Go

    Concept approved, we create a full scale prototype sample adding interactive digital components embedded into your new printed collaterals .

  • 04. Lift Off

    Sample approved, we go into top gear production, using high quality electronics and rigorous quality checks to deliver your consignment globally on time .

Our Factory

Most companies have to subcontract different processes out to a number of different companies, so your customised product may pass through the hands of a number of different companies before it reaches you. This causes inevitable delays in production and poor quality control. At Video Plus Print® we design, engineer, create, assemble, calibrate, test, re-check and securely pack your consignment at our own factory premises. From the initial integration of video technologies right through to packaging is all handled under one roof! We go the extra mile and even fine tune your video content by tweaking the sound, color and brightness whenever necessary to ensure a wow effect for your campaign.

This enables us to produce on time, every time with the best quality available. Our factory provides the perfect environment in which to manufacture high quality video marketing technologies and multi-sensory products. Our manufacturing equipment is also the most modern, providing us with the capacity to quickly provide you with the very best quality products, that only Video Plus Print® products can guarantee.

  • VPP China Factory
  • VPP Factory China
  • VPP China Factory
  • China VPP Factory
  • VPP China Factory
  • VPP China Factory
  • VPP China Factory
  • VPP Factory
  • VPP Factory
  • VPP ChinaFactory
  • VPP China Factory
  • VPPChina Factory

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