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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 Packaging
Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 Packaging

VPP produced a beautiful sturdy box for Samsung that contained a customized integral fitment to hold promotional products. There was a pocket which held a full color booklet showing all the new features of the phone. The video in print screen played 4 videos that demonstrated how to use the new features and benefits of this new model. The box was then sheathed in a printed sleeve for protection. The box compartments accompanied some scratch cards, candies and USB cable as part of their promotion campaign. As an in-store release, the deadline could not be missed, despite the short processing time of 3 weeks that was given to design, sign off, manufacture, and deliver the 5000+ units, VPP managed to achieve this without a hitch. This concept was a great success for Samsung, they did the same concept when launching Galaxy S4 and Note 3 phones.

Shell .
Shell petroleum

Shell, a multinational petroleum company were seeking to recruit and attract the best talent from universities, events and trade shows around the world. Usually multiple recruitment agencies that would interact with prospective employees are required, but this time around Shell wanted the prospects to take away with them an amazing video aid (business card size) that would play-on-demand a few inspiring stories shared by some of the current employees. Video Plus Print created a 2.4” high definition quality video business cards that helped create a brand awareness and make Shell stand out from other recruiters.

CanonCanon and TAG Worldwide agency partnered with VPP to produce >750 Video Brochures to promote their latest camera: EOS 1DX. Their objective to use our video brochures was to inform and impress the key retailers about the new features of their latest camera model and create a buzz about their unique marketing campaign of using VPP video brochures to show off their latest camera technology. With a customized software and brochure format, Video Plus Print helped Canon create a memorable and engaging delivery method and caught the attention of the professional photographers and prospective buyers shopping at the various retail outlets.
VodafoneVodafone Group PLC, one of the largest mobile phone network companies globally wanted to provide a better services and change the way roaming is charged by launching Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise. Using Video Plus Print’s 5 inch video brochure with a built in pocket and printed sales booklet insert, they successfully launched their marketing campaign and were able to easily share and convince their customers of their amazing new service. It enabled people to be better connected and help customers avoid high usage bill shocks, as users could take their home tariff abroad for just a small daily access fee. Their marketing activity using the VPP video brochures targeted decision makers across the globe and helped Vodafone secure a more than £1 million in deals from around the world. The work has been recognised by Vodafone’s Head of Marketing as ‘the benchmark for all future campaigns’. A job well done! .
CastrolCastrol Oil, a division of British Petroleum released their new “Magnatec Stop-Start” oil that was superior to the rest of the products in the market. The main selling point of their high performing liquid engineering, was the level of purity the oil had in comparison to others and needed an effective way to share the amazing technology with their distributors. ADM promotions UK, were handling the marketing campaign of Castrol UK and China who then reached out to Video Plus Print to help them create a powerful video tool that included a full colour brochure insert, an interactive mailer that flipped like a puzzle. A special varnish was flown from the UK that showed the difference between their smooth feeling oil, compared to the rough oil that is being sold by other brands, which was applied on the brochure and the mailer. Needless to say, it was a huge success as the distributors were not only impressed by the medium by which Castrol marketed their new product. The message was delivered with the help of Audio, Video and Touch sensory technologies. Castrol were so happy with the result, they asked VPP create the same video presentations in other languages. .
YouTubeIn 2013, YouTube were looking for unique way to market YouTube for business, features and benefits of advertising with YouTube over conventional methods of advertising. They were looking for an interactive and creative sales tool that would simply amaze their corporate clients. YouTube was seeking an agency who could provide a bespoke multi-sensory marketing product. With the help of Amstore Group, they found their way to Video Plus Print to help them create the perfect solution for YouTube as creativity and video engagement were at the forefront of their values. VPP’s proprietary and worlds first multiple page sensor technology was used in this marketing campaign which utilized a 5” LCD screen. This highly effective solution was perfect to showcase the YouTube brand. This never seen before video cross-pack comprised of four opening pages and each time a new page was opened a new video would begin playing instantly. It has been a few years since we did this project and till today this amazing Video Plus Print innovation is mind blowing in its effect on viewers. Later Microsoft also used this multiple page sensor technology to help market their latest Nokia Lumina mobile phones!
BPN media agencyA new media agency owned by a global media conglomerate “IPG Media Brands” were looking to impress their clients and use a tool that would help them secure major advertising accounts that they were pitching for. They reached out to Video Plus Print, because they heard about our proprietary multiple page sensor technology video book. They wanted to create the same dimension as what we created for YouTube, but chose instead to go for a classic book opening style, instead of the cross-pack. We created another amazingly interactive video book with a 4.3” LCD screen that played a new video each time a page was turned. Their clients were so impressed by their Radical Common Sense idea that BPN had used in their pitch, with the help of VPP's Multiple Page Sensor technology, it landed them US$67 million worth of global accounts, which worked out to be ROI of 6,700%. Knowing that Video Plus Print has been consistently providing great value for money for all its global clients, it has been the greatest reward that VPP Team could ever ask for.
GoogleGoogle were looking to create a perfect marketing tool that would help them deliver a very important message about Google’s Mobile technology. They wanted a product that reflected its company values around modern technology and wanted to provide share this message in the best way possible that could be used by the sales team to promote and demonstrate their mobile application. A beautiful bespoke Video Presentation Box was made by Video Plus Print using a specialist paper that confirmed with their brand guidelines and specifications. This was customised in shape and size and it was created to hold an internal fitment containing additional marketing materials that accompanied a video message and the importance of Mobile technology. The video presentation box had a 4.3” screen with interactive video control buttons making the product engaging and delivered Google’s important message most effectively.
Commonwealth Bank Australia
Commonwealth Bank AustraliaCommonwealth Bank, in Australia wanted to celebrate their milestone with their esteemed guests, which included the Prime Minister of Australia, other Government officials and their VIP clients. They wanted to create a premium invitation that would represent their remarkable history, which is why their media agency Imagination was given the task to reach out to Video Plus Print. After a few brain storming sessions with the Agency, we were able to finalize a rigid board box that had a 4.3” screen on one side and an elegant, black colour invitation plaque on the other, which contained a personal message from the Chairman and CEO of the Commonwealth Bank inviting the guest to their gala dinner that was held on 12th Dec 2011. This project had a very special logo colour request that required us to spend many days and prototypes perfecting their customized colour, which was outside the range of any spot colours in the market. We had to achieve the same logo colour shade on a printed paper and on a plastic, which was successfully achieved by Video Plus Print. The feedback from the guests that were invited was phenomenal and Imagination Agency said “...just wanted to let you know that I have had feedback from a number of people that the video invitations to the Commonwealth gala dinner event is knocking their socks off".
VolkswagenThis project will always be Video Plus Print’s favourite one, because this was the first job that sparked the birth of Video Plus Print. Rox Asia, the consultant for Volkswagen was given the task to come up with an innovative way to demonstrate Volkswagen’s new park assist technology, back in 2009. Chris Rommel of Rox Asia reached out Vijay Mahbubani at the end of October 2009, to help create and manufacture a concept that fused a video technology in a card. Together they created a 2.4” video brochure that set the standard for the rest of the industry. Video Plus Print and Rox Asia were the first ones to jointly commercialise this concept in Europe. We successfully delivered a 1000 video brochures to Volkswagen in time for their Christmas marketing campaign. Each video brochure was packaged together with the Spiegel magazine, a well-known German magazine and was specially delivered to the VIP clients of Volkswagen in all German speaking markets. As the saying goes, the rest is history…