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What's Old is New again
'Out with the old and in with the new' does not apply to everything. Digital prognosticators have been saying that print will be gone in a decade. Anyone who makes these kind of assumptions does not understand history. Ever since the emergence of the internet, we have come across hundreds of articles predicting the death of television. However, television is alive and well with shows like Game of Thrones, NCIS, The Walking Dead and the like. With Print, people tend to pay more attention to the material they are subscribed to rather than say; pop-up ads or ads getting in the way of a video they're watching. Print piques people's interest. After a hard day's work, many of us still like to unwind with a good book or .... Read the complete Blog
Video Killed The Radio Star .
The very first music video to appear on MTV was ‘Video killed the radio star’ by The Buggles in 1980. In retrospect, video did leave radio behind in the dust. But that was a while ago when Print still ruled. Fast-forward 25 years on and everyone is now eager to get on the video bandwagon.
Print is still alive and kicking and radio still commands respect in its original format. However, with the emergence and constant evolution of the internet, video production and sharing has become so easy that almost everyone’s doing it. Multi-national companies, Fortune 500’s, FTSE 100’s, small companies, big companies, our friends and in some cases even our parents too. ‘Video Marketing’ as we would call it today... Read the complete Blog
It's No Longer Digital vs. Print
Print and digital do not have to have an adversarial relationship. In truth, we should be using them in combination to achieve our goals. While it’s true that digital offers several advantages—such as the ability to reach an extraordinarily broad audience with minimal cost and measure that reach true engagement with digital is usually a matter of discovery. For Video Plus Print®, this discovery has become our quest. We specialize in Video Marketing Products.... Read the complete Blog
The Role Of Video In Marketing Today
Video has historically been an important communication tool but it is becoming even more relevant now, as the market is demanding a sophisticated presence in that medium. Video strategy is evolving to include interviews, customer stories, in-depth training videos, etc. Additionally, a Brand’s customers can now harness the power of video through the use of video marketing products so much more easily with the advent of accessible tools and sharing systems. It has been a game-changer for businesses that typically couldn’t afford high-end video equipment. Online video has changed the content landscape immensely.... Read the complete Blog
Use Video To Reach Your target Audience
Video marketing is effective because as er statistics, 70 percent are displayed in search results online. To develop your video marketing campaign, you need the preparation phase. You need to layout the tasks involved in building your strategy. You will need to get the big picture on how your viewers will respond and how you could help them convert to satisfied customers. If you need professional expertise, get in touch with an enterprise that specializes in Video Marketing Products. Here are some Basic steps employed in the process... Read the complete Blog .
Video Evokes Emotion and Makes Entertainment
Use your video campaigns for engagement with the audience. This means to tell a story whether it’s about your company, your product or service offering, or simply to talk about the problems the users have and how you can address their needs. Talk about your customers. Talk about how you can improve their lives.

Engage Them with Entertainment and Impressions Be relevant with users by targeting them based on location, geography, socio-economic demographics, etc. Be sure your video plays to please the viewer. Your “conversation” with the viewer must set them in the right mood with persuasive talk. Use it to move them into action and give them the right impression to trust you and take cues from you to a call-to-action... Read the complete Blog .
Here’s How Online Video Marketing Boosts Your Business
Big and small businesses alike have started taking notice of the importance of videos for promoting their businesses online. A number of surveys have showed that videos get shared online more than any other type of content. That is because adding a video to your content marketing campaign gives your business a personality, an image that people can relate with. By seeing you demonstrate your services or answering Frequently Asked Questions in a creative way via videos, your customers would get an idea about the human side of your business. Additionally, videos have the potential of turning 50% more conversions. That’s because people usually like to see ... Read the complete Blog
Business Videos to Solve Customers’ Problems
Video should humanize the customers’ problem. At the heart of customers’ curiosity and questions are their needs. If you show you understand them by demonstrating that you have “listened” to them, you show that you have been busily undergoing the task of building a better product or service offering based on your observations. Find Your Narrative What are you going to talk about? It’s emotional content marketing to the customers. You need to address how the intended use of your product or service will implement solutions to their specific requirements and needs. How to Tell the Story.... Read the complete Blog
Bring your pages to life with Video Plus Print®
Imagine that you are leafing through your favourite magazine, sitting in your living room or waiting at the hairdresser’s. At a certain point, just as you turn a page, the photographs come alive, music and words come out of somewhere and the sheet of paper is transformed into a multi-sensory experience.Some device borrowed from a Sci-fi film, you say to yourself. At Video Plus Print®, we specialise in fusing multi-sensory technologies into print for all types of marketing collateral. What better way to showcase your brand than with an interactive presentation with VPP.... Read the complete Blog
The Expanding Video Universe.
The Facts: -A video has the exact same value as 1.8 million words do. That is the equivalent of 3,600 web pages! -Viewers will stick around to watch a 30 second video from start to finish, but numbers tend to drop off if it’s any longer. -You Tube is the SECOND most popular search engine, in the world. (In case you weren’t sure, number 1 is Google) -Video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times! -More than 1 Billion unique visitors visit YouTube each month spending more than 4 Billion hours watching videos. -20 MILLION videos are uploaded to Facebook each month -Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year. -100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. -Justin Beiber was first ‘spotted’ on You Tube by record producers and is now worth $110 Million! According to b2b marketing, video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online Read the complete Blog
Video Plus Print’s® Real Estate Video Books
Industry Leaders and Realtors rely on Real Estate Video Books to showcase their layouts and designs. What do you use? Get crystal clear vision of the various amenities and the key features of your brand using Video Books. Real Estate Video Books will transform the way your clients experience your projects and influence agents to perfect their process. Think of it in terms of not just another book with photos, but a multi-sensory experience incorporating video; and well made at that. Save yourself the trial and error you used to go through to produce them previously. Now with Video Plus Print®, you can be rest assured that your competitors will be eager to get their hands on your latest - greatest product. Our Real Estate Video Book is everything you will ever need to achieve your business vision - and more. What is a Real Estate Video Book? A book containing high quality video using thin, state-of-the-art LCD screens of varied sizes that are embedded into paper... Read the complete Blog

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