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Video Books

Multipage Video Books

Quick Overview:

Do you need to have several products given special importance. Our multipage video books give you the right balance you need. By having VPP’s hard cover or soft cover video books placed on your coffee tables or reception counters, your clients won’t mind the wait. When your client instinctively picks it up and opens it, they are zapped by the embedded video playing automatically with clear audible ensuring that your message is delivered and heard clearly. Video books are a perfect way to educate your clients on multiple product or services you have available with a flick of a page.

Main features:

  • Multipage Books with Video Chapters.
  • Turn page to play next chapter .
  • Make flip books of different styles

Video Plus Print’s® Video Books/Multi Page Sensors are a new and powerful way to incorporate more information about your product to the printed page accompanied with video. If you need to explain your differentiation in the market, or describe your value proposition to the client in a convincing and substantial way, then the video book could be the answer.

What is a Video Book?

Video Plus Print® Video Books/Multi-page sensors make excellent targeted invitations by presenting a high quality video message contained in a high quality hardback finish. The personalization options combined with your artwork and video, means that you are delivering a complete visual, audio and physical message in a book. A different video plays every time a page is turned but the video book only requires one screen.


The Video memory capacity varies from 20 mins to 2 hours giving you plenty of storage for all your engaging videos.
Screen Sizes

Video Plus Print® Video Brochures come in the following screen sizes: 2.4 inch, 4.3 inch, 5.0 inch, 7.0 inch, 9.0 inch and 10 inch.
Control Buttons

Our standard video brochures have 6 buttons placed on them from play, pause, next, previous and volume up and down. You can opt for 8 buttons for additional features.
Production time

Our turnaround time is entirely dependant on the quantity required. Typical turnaround time for small orders take about 2 weeks, while bigger orders take 3 to 4 weeks.
Micro USB Port

The Micro USB Port is used for changing videos and updating video software and firmware. You can change videos or presentations by uploading them on to your video marketing product via the Micro USB port.
  • What businesses are using Video Books?
    Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, fashion Industry, Video Production Houses, the Automobile Industry, Hospital Foundations, Business Brokers, Gaming industry, hospitality sector, Software Companies, IT Organisations, Biotech Companies, the Pharmaceutical & Health Industry, the Banking & Finance Sector, Packaging Companies, Marketing Agencies & Online Businesses.

    What are they using Video Books for?
    Direct Mail Marketing, Product Launches, Tools & Presentations, Event management, education, portfolio, Trade Shows, Staff Incentives, Pre & Post Sales Gifts, Events and Fundraisers.

  • Video Books are often referred to as case-bound video book, multi-page video books, Look Books, real estate video books, LCD video books, book with video, interactive starter kit, interactive product kit, print plus video books, video plus book, digital look book, bespoke video books, multi-sensory video book and corporate video book.