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Multisensory Print

Power Your Brand™

Quick Overview:

With Video Plus Print’s® Multi-sensory products, there are so many different types of experiences that your customers can encounter with the same device and every time someone interacts with a product they will Experience More™.

VPP presents innovative turn-key solutions, which provide enormous expansion potential for your product brand. Explore new horizons where no sense is left untouched with Video Plus Print’s® Multi-sensory marketing solutions , we are sure we have everything you will need to run a successful marketing campaign.

Main features:

  • Spin, Vibration, Light, Audio, Aroma etc .
  • Simple open to play options .
  • Budget freindly and special product marketing.

Multi-sensory branding is a way to relate to your customer in a more personal way than with traditional techniques. Using Video Plus Print’s® multi-sensory solutions for effective brand marketing has been shown to effectively promote brand awareness, end user interaction and experiences that delight. The play of light signals a dreamy effect, the smell of popcorn takes you to the cinema; a champagne cork popping brings an anticipatory whoop from a room; a sniff of freshly mown grass and it’s spring… It’s these types of multi-sensory touchpoints that Video Plus Print® creates for brands seeking a more powerful connection with their customers, who can ‘feel’ the brand on many different levels – often in a deeply emotional way.


The Video Cards themselves are available in 256MB for 2.4 inch to 5.0 inch and 2GB for the 7.0 inch to 10.1 inch. Giving you plenty of storage for your videos.
Print Sizes

Video Plus Print® Multisensory Brochures come in standard and custom size options depending on product applications
Control Buttons

Most single multisensory products come with play on open function sensors.
Production time

Our turnaround time is entirely dependant on the quantity required. Typical turnaround time for small orders take about 2 weeks, while bigger orders take 3 to 4 weeks. .

  • What businesses are using Multi-sensory marketing products?
    Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, the Automobile Industry, Hospital Foundations, Business Brokers, Tourism, Software Companies, IT Organisations, Educational institutions, Gaming industry, Hospitality sector, Biotech Companies, the Pharmaceutical & Health Industry, the Banking & Finance Sector, Packaging Companies, Marketing Agencies & Online Businesses.

    What are they using Multi-sensory marketing products for?
    Direct Marketing, Product Promotions, Product Launches, Event , education, travel and leisure giveaways, Trade Shows, Staff Incentives, Pre & Post Sales Gifts, Events and Fundraisers.

  • Multi-sensory video products are often referred to as Point Of Sale video aid, Shelf Talkers, Multi-sensory sales aids, Video presentation displays, LED displays, video and sound boxes, lighting displays, Electro-lumination, spin cards, vibration displays, multi-sensory presentation boxes and Video Plus Print multi-sensory modules.