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Video Connect Pro


Video Connect Pro

Quick Overview:

Adding 2G /3G or Wifi will leap frog your brochure content to the next level. Our newly launched Ring-a-Print concept has received rave reviews from end customers and has immense potential. Imagine opening a print book that has phone calling function embedded within making it immediately accessible for you to speak directly to the Sales Department or Customer services. With Wifi in Print you get streaming and live updates, that allow you to change content on a timely basis thereby extending the impact and Return on Investment many fold. These product offers huge brand building potential, lead generation and customer loyalty as this adds the highest level of interactivity with the customer.

Main features:

  • Call pre-programmed numbers for enquiry /sales.
  • Content updatable remotely .
  • Live updates on the fly

At Video Plus Print® we empower our clients with the VPP connect option that enables the 3G/Wi-Fi capability on print - a step further that will make your product airborne: literally. With the 3G/Wi-Fi feature, end users can access relevant information such as contact details to your nearest offices with the added benefit of being able to call in to find out more.


The Video Cards themselves are available in 256MB for 2.4 inch to 5.0 inch and 2GB for the 7.0 inch to 10.1 inch. Giving you plenty of storage for your videos.
Screen Sizes

Video Plus Print® Video Brochures come in the following screen sizes: 2.4 inch, 3.0 inch, 4.3 inch, 5.0 inch, 7.0 inch, 9.0 inch and 10 inch.
Control Buttons

Our standard video brochures have 6 buttons placed on them from play, pause, next, previous and volume up and down. You can opt for 8 buttons for additional features.
Production time

Our turnaround time is entirely dependant on the quantity required. Typical turnaround time for small orders take about 2 weeks, while bigger orders take 3 to 4 weeks .

  • What businesses are using VPP Connect?
    Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, the Automobile Industry, Hospital Foundations, Business Brokers, Tourism, Software Companies, IT Organisations, Biotech Companies, Gaming industry, Hospitality sector, the Pharmaceutical & Health Industry, the Banking & Finance Sector, Packaging Companies, Marketing Agencies & Online Businesses.

    What are they using VPP Connect for?
    Direct Mail Marketing, Product Promotions, customer queries, customer updates, Event information, educational assistance, hotline services, location based information, product usage information, sales aids and video calls.

  • VPP Connect is often referred to as Wi-fi video book, Wi-fi video collateral, corporate catalogue with phone, video brochure with phone and video patient starter kits.