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Video in Print

Video in Print

Quick Overview:

We are an award winning manufacturer of affordable, high quality, interactive video-in-print digital brochures and help agents with their digital and mobile marketing strategy. In today's digital era video is the king of grabbing crucial time away from the boring print only brochures. To have your name/ company name be embedded in the "easy recall list" of your clients mind you need to do something special to. Video Plus Print® will ensure you have that opportunity with our great selection of Video In Print brochures range. We help you create that emotional bomd that triggers investment in your company and products....and we have a huge list of top Fortune 500 companies that rely on that being so. Call us or our partner offices closest to you now!

Main features:

  • Brighter LCD Screens with clear audio.
  • Sensor activated content instant playback .
  • Customizable LCD screens sizes and specs.
  • Many mutlisensory add-ons availabl.